RML, Inc. offers a wide range of oleochemicals derived from naturally-sourced feedstocks. For a broad range of applications our product portfolio includes high quality glycerine, fatty acids, and fatty alcohols.

As these materials are renewable, these products offer an environmentally friendly alternative to many other chemicals used in the industry today. There are different qualities available, from 86% up to 99.8%, based on tallow or vegetable feedstocks. For special requirements we provide pharmaceutical grades and kosher P.O./halal status as well as non-GMO material if required.

Fatty acids are made entirely from natural oils and fats derived from renewable raw materials such as coconuts, oil palms, sunflower seeds and tallow. Fatty alcohols are manufactured by transesterifying and hydrogenating natural oils from renewable raw materials such as oil palms. These products are also environmentally-friendly alternative to many other chemicals used in the industry today.

Please contact RML to see how these products can meet your formulation needs.

Disclaimer: The cosmetic ingredient discussed herein is intended for topical use only. RML stands behind the quality of its materials according to the specifications set forth. Suitability for specific applications is solely the discretion of the company formulating, manufacturing and marketing the consumer intended product. Additionally, statements made concerning the possible use of these products are not intended as recommendations to use these products in infringement of any patent.